1. Who is Go Bunny Girls?

They are the female freelancers who help to solve your employment headache.

2. What is Go Bunny Girls?

It is a e-platform to match the Freelancers and the Hirers.

3. Where is Go Bunny Girls?

It is launched in Klang Valley and soon rolled out to major cities within Malaysia.

4. When is Go Bunny Girls available

It is launched in March 2019. There are 2 stages of the launch. First stage is to recruit the freelancers. Second stage is to engage with the employers.

5. How does Go Bunny Girls works

The Freelancer can either receive job offers or bid for job postings. The Hirer can either choose the freelancer or post a job.

6. Which are the best functions in Go Bunny Girls

- Various job categories.
- Selections of profiles and pictures.
- Live chats and video calls.
- Payment via e-wallet.

7. Why use Go Bunny Girls

For Freelancers, this app empowers you to earn extra income at any time or full time. You are in full control. For Hirers, this app empowers you to save cost and time. You can pay per service and control your budget.